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Look 100% perfect,
whether at the office, important meeting, party or on a date!

Is your wardrobe full of similar, dull and dark clothes?

Are you hesitant when shopping which colours look good on you? Is it chili red or cherry red? Black, pewter or warm grey?

Do you have clothes you can't colour match with anything?

Are you unable to create multi-colour combinations with different pieces in your wardrobe? Will turquoise go with burnt orange or violet with light lemon yellow?

Are you uncertain whether a print or pattern is too bright and bold or too pale and dull for you?
Eva Easton
Code to Chic Founder

Just imagine having absolute confidence in:

  • Making your skin look fresh, even, glowing, and looking 5 – 10 years younger
  • Having non-surgical face-lifting effect
  • Disguising your skin imperfections (wrinkles, dark circles, etc.)
  • Having your eyes look more youthful and radiant
  • Choosing the best colours for makeup and hair
  • Creating numerous personalized colour combinations with ease
  • Having an interesting wardrobe where all colours work together perfectly
  • Creating any impression you wish to make using colour for personal and professional goals
  • Saving money by investing it in the right colours in clothing and accessories
  • Finding your colours in clothing and accessories fast
  • Making your shopping quick, easy, enjoyable and confident

Knowing your Colour Code will take care of this!

You will look beautiful and
your best ONLY when wearing
the RIGHT way!
Every one of us received our unique colouring – hair, eyes and skin colour – from Mother Nature. While we can't control that, we can use our unique features to our benefit. Very few people realize that wearing the right colours in your clothes, hair and makeup can greatly improve your appearance.

What is a "right" colour? When you receive a compliment like "You look fantastic!", you might wonder: "Why? I didn't sleep well last night and didn't put any effort or thought into what to wear… But yesterday I felt good, thought through my outfit thoroughly, but no one even noticed it?" The secret is simple – your dress was the right colour!

You may try to accentuate your best features and camouflage your less flattering areas by paying attention to the cut of your clothes, but did you consider what impact colour has? Sometimes you buy tops and dresses just because they fit right. But what colour are they? Are they harmonious with your face? Will your eyes sparkle, your skin look radiant and younger? Or you will look tired, sad, or even sick?

You may have heard of the Season colour system, but you may only know about the 4 or 12 Season colour systems. However, the variety of eyes, skin and hair colour is so great that only the 16 Season Colour System will fully capture all the possibilities.

That makes it all the more difficult (or even next to impossible) for you to try to determine your individual palette and signature colours that will make you look healthier, radiant, and younger.

But even knowing your colour palette, would you know how to combine colours in your individual colour palette according to your own unique colouring? Do you know that your colour combinations depend on your colouring and complexion contrast?

Only a professional, detailed colour analysis can define your exact colouring, individual colour palette with personal signature colours, and your harmonious colour combinations.

Colour is like a magic wand! All you need is to know how to use it.
After your colour analysis and consultation,
you'll look 100% perfect, whether at the office,
important meeting, party or on a date!

Before and After

My unique The Colour Code methodology working with your appearance is based on your natural individuality.

You will not just receive your personal colour palette; I will teach you to navigate through millions of shades, even without a palette so that you'll be confident in what colours and colour combinations suit you best.

As a result, you will masterfully handle everything related to your colour. You will become your own color expert and image consultant.
Eva Easton, Code to Chic Founder

How does the Colour Analysis and Consultation work?

Meeting Details
At the end of the booking process all appointment details including your Discovery questionnaire, exact location details, how to prepare, etc. will be sent to your email.
Colour Analysis
To start with, you will learn to understand the characteristics of colour as a professional image consultant. Knowing this, you will easily see your individual colours, and create your own harmonious colour combinations.

The second part of the colour analysis is colour testing with special drapes and testers – then the fun begins! Special testers and drapes will be applied to your face in a certain order. You'll sit in front of a mirror and see the important role colour plays in the way you look. You will see how your appearance changes depending on the colour next to your face, and you will see how your ideal colours bring out your natural beauty.
Your Personal Colour Lookbook
Your comprehensive illustrated Personal Colour Lookbook full of detailed personal recommendations will be prepared within the next few 5 weeks. You'll receive it electronically.
Colour Consultation
During your colour consultation we'll go over your Personal Colour Lookbook in detail. You'll learn everything about your individual colours so from now on you'll always pick the right ones for you.

With My Colour Code you will get:

1. Discovery consultation

2. Your colour analysis

3. Your Personal Colour Palette with your Signature colours and Makeup Colour Palette

4. A 50+ page Personal Colour Lookbook* that includes:

  • Description of your unique colouring (16 Season Colour System)
  • Your Personal Colour Palette
  • Your best colours (Signature colours) within your Personal Colour Palette
  • Personalized recommendations detailing how to coordinate between colours in your colour palette
  • Your best colours that make your eyes pop and shine (Signature colours for your eyes)
  • Typical mistakes using colour and how to avoid them
  • Colours to avoid
  • Your Personal Hair Colour Palette
  • Your Personal Makeup Colour Palette
  • Your metals and stones
  • Examples of colour combinations within your Personal Colour Palette
  • Your Personal Colour Palette sorted out by easily applicable colour groups
  • Your Personal Colour Palette in 9 Colour Stories (e.g. romantic image, sexy image, traditional image, exotic image, mystic image, dynamic image, etc.)
  • Your Personal Colour Palette in business, casual, and occasion wear

4. 1-hour Colour consultation to go over your Personal Colour Lookbook and teach you to navigate through millions of shades, even without a palette so that you'll be confident in what colours and colour combinations suit you best

5. Free internet support for 30 days (from the consultation day) answering all of your questions you might have on your Personal Colour Lookbook

*A Personal Colour Lookbook comes in digital format sent via internet.

Examples of Your Personal Colour Lookbook pages:

Your Lifetime Benefits

  • Perfect Wardrobe For Business And Career Growth:
    • effortlessly project the right image of an expert in your field
    • easily dress for any event
    • stand out in your marketplace when speaking, selling or meeting a client
    • be memorable to attract dream clients
    • dress for success and support your professional goals
    • create an unforgettable presence whether you are in person or online
  • Personalized And Effective Wardrobe:

    • have a well-coordinated wardrobe system tailored to suit your personal and professional needs
    • spend minimum time and have no stress when dressing every day, especially in the mornings
    • have an interesting wardrobe where all colors and pieces work together perfectly
    • have a wardrobe you enjoy every day
    • effortlessly dress for any occasion, stress-free
  • Your Best Look Ever:
    • look at least 5 years younger
    • have radiant eyes
    • have more even-looking, vibrant, and glowing skin
    • have your face appear tightened and toned, and fine lines appear softened
    • look really fantastic in clothes and accessories you wear
  • Color Confidence:
    • instantly know what colors bring out your special beauty and make you look fabulous at all time
    • effortlessly mix colors, creating beautiful color combinations
    • create the perception and evoke the emotions that you wish
  • Accessory Mastery:
    • instantly know what accessories look great on you flattering your face and your body
    • put together ensembles matching clothes and accessories the right way
  • Hair Mastery:
    • wear a hair color that makes you younger-looking and beautiful
  • Efficient, Enjoyable, And Confident Shopping:
    • make well-informed and quick decisions on your purchases
    • shop for the right clothes and accessories that suit you in just seconds, walking straight past things that you know don't work for you
    • choose only those current color and style trends that make you look beautiful
    • save a lot of money by investing in only the right pieces that make you look your best ever
    • invest in clothes and accessories that perfectly work with the rest of your wardrobe
    • remove the doubt in making the right purchase
  • Makeup Mastery:

    • wear makeup colors that make you beautiful younger and looking

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I don't make clothes look good on you.
I make it so that YOU look exquisite in your clothes.

Eva Easton, M. Ed.

Authentic Personal Style, Color, And Image

Creator of the Beauty Code Method

Brainz 500 Global Honoree 2021

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